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Resume Register

The Resume Register, a PICA-members only service, is brought to you by PrintForce, your workforce development initiative.

Resumes can either be faxed or email to you, whichever you prefer.

To request a resume, email PICA or call (704) 357-1150 with the number and the letter code of the resumes you would like. Please let us know if you hire anyone from the Resume Register. Some resumes are listed in more than one category.

Post a Resume

To post a resume, send a Word document or PDF to
Resumes from individuals currently employed by a PICA member may be published only with the current employer’s permission.
Not sure if your company is a member? Check the member listing at

Resumes Register is a by-weekly email publication sent to members in North & South Carolina.

View Resume Register:

This document is presented in PDF format (Portable Document Format) allowing you to view them in their original form. If you have not already installed this software, you may download it free from Adobe.