About Us

The Printing Industry of the Carolinas, Inc. (PICA) is the regional trade association for print manufacturing in North and South Carolina. We provide member companies with opportunities to access value-added resources and services designed to help them be more effective, efficient, and profitable. PICA continuously provides members with a significant return on investment.

PICA serves the Carolinas’ printing industry through education, products, services, conferences, and awards, as well as support at both the local and national levels. PICA is a part of America’s Printing Association Network with a combined 5000+ members.
Our Purpose: Promoting the Industry – Focused on Member Success!
Our Vision: Advocate / Educate / Inform / Lead
Our Mission: To promote the common interest of the printing industry; and to help our members prosper, both individually and collectively, through fellowship, education, and cooperative action.

Our History

  • 1930 North Carolinas Master Printers’ Association started.
  • 1934 North Carolina Master Printer Printers’ Association divides the state into four districts.
  • 1939 Stark Dillard asked that paper companies be allowed to contribute to the Association through Associate memberships – motion carried.
  • 1940 Ink manufacturers granted admittance into Association as Associate Members.
  • 1943 Decided to extend Association into South Carolina. Association changed the name to Carolinas Master Printers’ Association.
  • 1945 Joseph J. Stone moved that the Board investigates becoming affiliated with Printing Industries of America. Motion carried. First Executive Secretary hired: A.S. Blankenship
  • 1946 Association changed name to ‘The Printing Industry of the Carolinas, Inc.’ (PICA)
  • 1947 First ever South Carolina annual meeting held in Myrtle Beach. June 7, 1947
  • 1948 Eugene Salmon hired as Executive Secretary, headquartered in Columbia, SC
  • 1949 Publication, PICA, started
  • 1950 PICA agreed to affiliate with PIA.
  • 1951 PICA affiliated with PIA
  • 1954 First official logo adopted
  • 1957 Best Printers’ Self-Advertising Contest starts, sponsored by Epes-Fitzgerald Paper Co.
  • 1959 Board of Directors voted to continue a program to “interest young men in the printing industry throughout the Carolinas.”
  • 1960 The concept of the Graphics Management Institute was first made
  • 1961 Board agreed to list the Association’s telephone number in the telephone book to make it easier to contact PICA.
  • 1962 the first talks were opened between PICA and the Printing Industry of Charlotte on merging. November 13, the PICA Foundation was incorporated.
  • 1963 The PICA headquarters were moved from Columbia to Charlotte, NC. Gene Salmon retired on October 31, 1963. The first biennial Carolinas Graphics Art Trade fair was held, the predecessor to The Charlotte Show was held. PICA and PI-Charlotte merged, becoming the Printing Industry of the Carolinas, Inc., as one association October 8, 1963, Bill Treadaway was hired as new Executive Secretary December 1, 1963.
  • 1965 PICA’s seven geographic areas established
  • 1966 the PICA Awards was established Dillard Paper Co., established the Best of Show award. The first Awards Chairperson was Margaret Earle of Greensboro Printing. First banquet held at The Grove Park Inn.
  • 1967 PICA buys first building Charlotte
  • 1968 PICA Awards moved from an annual convention to a Printing Week celebration.
  • 1970 “PICA” registered as a trademark with the U.S. Patent Office.
  • 1975 Gwen Doster hired January 25th as “temporary help”
  • 1977 Dillard Paper Co., contributes $50,000 to the PICA Foundation to establish an endowment fund for the Graphics Management Institute
  • 1977 Emily Heck joins the PICA Staff
  • 1979 Norman Foust Award established by the PICA Foundation
  • 1980 Agreement finalized to commission Limited Edition prints of “Tools of Freedom” painting by artist Ward Nichols. Marketing by the PICA Foundation and proceeds to go to fund scholarships for graphic arts students
  • 1981 Foundation begins considering building the PICA Education and Conference Center. Honorary memberships in PICA approved.
  • 1982 The PICAScanner begins publication
  • 1983 The Resume Register debuts.
  • 1984 The PICA Building on Hawthorne Lane sold
  • 1985 Freda Weese retires. The PICA Foundation establishes the PICA/Weese Scholarship Fund in her honor to assist deserving community college students studying graphic communications.
  • 1986 GASC first expresses interest in purchasing the rights to The Charlotte Show. Construction begins at Education & Conference Center in Coffey Creek Business Park. The first meeting of the Small Printers’ Committee was held.
  • 1987 PICA moves into the new Education and Conference Center. Board unanimously votes to sell The Charlotte Show to GASC.
  • 1988 Jimmy Cates retires from PICA
  • 1989 The “Pride In Print’ program launches, complete with labels, presentation folders, logo sheets, apparel, hats, copyrighted: items sold nationwide.
  • 1990 Bill Treadway retires. Tom Brennan appointed Interim President
  • 1991 Jim Carpenter hired as PICA President
  • 1993 Richard Spencer hired as PICA President
  • 1994 The PICA Communications Technologies Resource Center (PCTRC) launches with Dr. Taz Tally as director. Lisa Johnson was hired as Director of Communications and Susan Helbein was hired as Director of Membership.
  • 1995 Carrie Epps was hired as Coordinator of Member Services and Jeff Stoudt as Director of Education
  • 1997 Terrie Duncan hired as Coordinator of Communications
  • 1998 PrintForce workforce development initiative is unveiled.
  • 1999 Angel Andersen joins PICA as first PrintForce Project Manager
  • 2000 The PICAScanner reformatted into a four-color quarterly publication
  • 2001 Peggy Howell hired as PrintForce Project Manager
  • 2003 Last Charlotte Show held
  • 2004 Gwen Doster named Interim Executive Director
  • 2006 Jeff Stoudt named Interim Executive Director
  • 2008 Jeff Stoudt named PICA President
  • 2010 Gwen Doster retires on December 31st. ‘The Gwen Doster Judges Choice Award’ was created in her honor.
  • 2011 Margie Farthing hired as Administrative Director
  • 2012 Inaugural People’s Choice Award debuted at the 2011 PICA Awards. Classic Graphics was chosen as the winner by attendees
  • 2013 William Smith of BCE Charlotte serves as Chairman of the Board for the second year in a row. PICA Foundation created the Annual Golf Classic
  • 2015 Trish Sports of Sheriar Press in Myrtle Beach, SC, became the first Chairwoman of the PICA Board. Mac Papers sponsors Best of Show in PICA Awards
  • 2016 PICA Awards celebrates 50 years.  Mac Papers + Packaging became the Best of Show Sponsor.
  • 2017 Bryan Hall of Graphic Visual Solutions named as 118th PIA Chairman of the Board and the third Chairman of the Board from the Carolinas. The PICA Building on Rose Lake Drive was sold.
  • 2018 Bryan Hall serves a second term as PIA Chairman of the Board.
  • 2019 Margie Farthing retires. Debbie Wesoly was hired as Administrative Director.
  • 2020 Covid 19 shut down the world. Printing Industry is listed as an Essential Business. PICA Awards were held virtually for the first time in its 54-year history. PICA Fall Conference is held virtually. PIA/SGIA merged, forming PrUA.
  • 2021 PICA ends relationship with PrUa when presented with a proposal that was not in PICA’s best interest. PICA contracted with Employers Advantage to supply PICA Members with HR Resources. Second-year PICA Awards were held virtually due to Covid 19 group meeting limitations. PICA Fall Conference brings the return of group meetings.
  • 2022 Print Is Campaign launched.  PICA Awards Banquet returns to a live program