PICA membership privileges mean members receive exclusive access to hand-picked vendors, suppliers, programs, and experts to help accelerate the ROI of your company.


Save on Apple Brand Products

PICA members qualify for preferred association discount pricing on the latest Apple and third-party products and accessories. 

Program Benefits 

  • Complimentary shipping on all orders over $50 
  • A complete online cataloge, featuring the latest Apple products and compatible third-party products 
  • Quick and easy ordering — payment can be made with any combination of credit card and Apple Gift Card 
  • Business financing 
  • Online custom product configuration 
  • Members receive a 2% discount on SIM-free iPhone 

Start Shopping Now! 

CONTACT US for the Link to shop at PICA’s Apple Store and start saving today. These pages display the discounted prices, so you will know immediately how much you are saving

Chain of Custody Certifications

The RACG (Regional Affiliate Certification Group) was created to provide significant savings for printers (up to $5 million in wood-based sales) looking to attain FSC or SFI certifications.  There is also a large printer program available.  www.racgus.org

Credit and Collections

CST Co., Incorporated

Discounted rates CST Co., offers a full range of collection options with discounts for members. Learn More


Discounted rates PICB offers a full range of collection options with discounts for members.
Learn More


Human Resources

Employers Advantage

Provides expert advice on all matters related to human resources. They also provide members with other services like handbook development or employee recruitment at discounted prices.                                 

Printers 401(k)

By partnering with Printers 401k®, you gain access to a team of industry-leading professionals with the experience and knowledge to review your unique circumstances, analyze available options, and make best-practice recommendations. Our program identifies and discloses all plan costs upfront, eliminating any unnecessary or redundant fees typically found in plans offered in the marketplace today. We’ve helped multiple companies reduce annual plan costs by switching to the Printers 401k® Program. www.printers401k.com


PICA members receive a 10% discount on job postings.

Postal Resources

Keep up with the events occurring in the US postal system.  Mailers Hub provides PICA members a 20% discount off subscriptions.

Shipping Services

Enjoy significant savings on your UPS shipping charges through new shipping program.

Credit Card Processing


Basys provides competitive processing rates and has an in-house PCI compliance team at your service.  All support calls are answered by a live operator, no automated phone systems.

Card Connect

We are excited to offer best-in-class payments technology to ensure accepting debit and credit card payments is simple, secure, and reliable.

Now more than ever, businesses are experiencing high processing fees, confusing and unreliable reporting, and poor customer service. We know these issues take you away from focusing on your business, which is why we partnered with CardConnect to offer our clients CardPointe: the perfect payments solution for any business.  Learn More

Equipment and Supply Discounts

Enjoy an exclusive rebate program through Kodak. Qualifying solutions include:

Offset Solutions such as TRENDSETTER, ACHIEVE & MAGNUS (4-up, 8-up and VLF)

KODAK PRINERGY On Demand Software Solutions


KODAK PROPSER Inkjet Presses

Consumables: Proprietary water-based inks

Kodak Service & Support

Managing by the Numbers

Know your costs before you give an estimate.  Cost Rates Advisor can help you determine your budgeted hourly rates and has a product to help you determine the expense ratios for your operation.  Built specifically for the printing industry.  PICA members receive a 20% discount off subscriptions to Cost Rates Advisor.  www.profectus.com/costratesadvisor

Recycling Services

Recycling Management Resources provides new suppliers with PICA a 1x discount on their recycling.

Shop Towels and Uniforms

ITU AbsorbTech

Rebate program on textile products. For every dollar spent, PICA Members who become clients will receive 3% back in the first year and 1.5% every year thereafter to spend on ITUdirect products.
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