Keep Your Cash Flowing

Timely debt collection is crucial for every graphic arts business. If you’re having trouble maintaining current accounts receivable, we have the resources to help. PICA has partnered with CST Co., Inc. and the Printing Industry Credit Bureau (PICB) to provide expanded credit and collection services for members.

CST Co., is a full-service commercial collection agency with over 90 years of worldwide experience. CST Co., has been the PICA preferred vendor for commercial collections since 1987.


Over the years, CST Co. has recovered thousands of dollars for PICA members, in a safe and professional manner. Licensed and bonded in all states where a commercial collection agency license or bond is required, CST Co. seeks to not only recover the past due amount, but also preserve the relationship between creditor and debtor, whenever possible.
•Full Collection Services
•Free Demand Service (FD)
•Immediate Action (IA)
•$5000 Plan (5kP)
•Same Day Service (SDS)
•Bankruptcy Monitoring (BKM)
•Foreign Accounts Service
•Pre-Collection Services
•Marginal Account Registry (MAR)
•Free Advisory Service (FAS)
•Accounts Receivable Management Service (ARMS)
•Written Demand Service (WDS)
•Experian Reports
•Client Analysis Report (CAR)

The Printing Industry Credit Bureau (PICB)

The Printing Industry Credit Bureau (PICB)began as a member benefit for Printers of Illinois and Indiana. Under the leadership of Andrea Schlack, the agency has gained national recognition for excellence and quality of services in the credit and collection industry.

Last year, PICB recovered nearly $2 million from slow-paying and no-paying customers, and their Credit Risk Assessments (CCRA) have helped numerous members make smart credit granting choices.Collection Services Experienced and highly dedicated staff are the hallmarks of this cost-effective service.

Credit Risk Assessment Request Form

Riskee Business PICBs free web-based tool, located at, provides members unlimited access to their extensive database of collections cases. Determine at a moments glance if an existing or potential customer may have had a slow-pay or no-pay history and was placed for collection with Printing Industry Credit Bureau.

Check It Company; You Check It PICBs sister company created a FREE and easy to use web portal to government-sponsored websites that provides real-time, free information members may find helpful in determining a customers viability and stability. Visit for more information.

Credit Risk Assessment Reports

Check It Reports are compiled in ‘real-time’ using hands-on, extensive research while using 21st century tools and public records as the basis for findings.

Credit Risk Assessment Request For

  • Free monthly enewsletter
  • Sign up for their monthly credit tips enewsletter by contacting Andrea Schlack. 
  • Credit and Collection Consultations
  • Free advice and consultation is just a phone call away. 
  • Visit or call Andrea Schlack at 847-265-0400 for more information.

Slow Pay

What is SlowPay/on-line? 

  • A means of discovering bad debt/past due account customers before you are victimized.
  • An Association-sponsored means of sharing this insightful information with other printer-members by use of the Internet.

What BENEFIT does this give to you? 

  • Availability 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Real-time reporting – no delay waiting for a printed report each month.
  • Ability to check the list as often as you wish.
  • Update your reports at any time.

What kind of CONFIDENTIALITY will be maintained? 

As always, the Agreement between the Association and your firm states that the primary goal of the Association is to maintain strict confidentiality for reporting firms. This website is available for viewing ONLY by authorized Association members. It is not available to the public, or even a member firm that has not completed the Credit Reporting Service Agreement. 

Your Association member account number and a password are required to access the report, further protecting participating firms.  Click Here to participate.