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Work smarter, not harder – with solid, valuable information to make better-informed business decisions.

Human Resources

Employers Advantage

Provides expert advice on all matters related to human resources. They also provide members with other services like handbook development or employee recruitment at discounted prices.                                   

Printers 401(k)

By partnering with Printers 401k®, you gain access to a team of industry-leading professionals with the experience and knowledge to review your unique circumstances, analyze available options, and make best-practice recommendations. Our program identifies and discloses all plan costs upfront, eliminating any unnecessary or redundant fees typically found in plans offered in the marketplace today. We’ve helped multiple companies reduce annual plan costs by switching to the Printers 401k® Program.


PICA members receive a 10% discount on job postings.

Industry Surveys and Reports

Annual Wage & Benefit Reports

The Annual Wage & Benefit Report is a joint project of the affiliated organizations of Americas Printing Association Network (APAN). It has become the most comprehensive industry survey of its kind.

To obtain a copy of the most current Wage & Benefit Report, or if you are interested in participating in the next survey don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 704-357-1150.

  • Members participating in survey – the report is FREE
  • Non-Participating Members – $250

The Wage + Benefit Survey portal is typically open from late June to early August each year.

Industry Reports

Printing Industry Performance Assessment and Insights (PIPI) Reports

These national quarterly industry surveys are conducted to gain insight into factors affecting the printing industry – from current economic factors to staffing trends to marketing plans. The information gleaned from these surveys gives you an edge in many facets of your business.  These surveys are conducted by the Jones College of Business at Middle Tennessee State University, overseen by Dr. Ralph Williams, a veteran of the printing industry himself.


Managing by the Numbers

Know your costs before you give an estimate.  Cost Rates Advisor can help you determine your budgeted hourly rates and has a product to help you determine the expense ratios for your operation.  Built specifically for the printing industry.  PICA members receive a 20% discount off subscriptions to Cost Rates Advisor.

Postal Resources

Keep up with the events occurring in the US postal system.  Mailers Hub provides PICA members with a 20% discount off subscriptions.

The Sales Vault

The Sales Vault is a subscription-based website resource for sales reps and selling owners in the graphic arts. It gives you access to sales best practices and makes you part of a sales community.

Archived content and live Zoom workshops for subjects like:

  • How to get your price
  • Fear: Selling when you’re an introvert
  • “I’ve never had to sell before, but now…”
  • Selling through LinkedIn
  • Hiring the right sales rep
  • “I hate selling… But I need to grow.”
  • Navigating the crazy–busy times
  • Motivation: getting yourself unstuck
  • Dealing with voicemail
  • Landing the big fish
  • Finding high-quality leads
  • Get that appointment
  • Selling more and less time
  • Getting to the next level
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PICA members pay a discounted rate, and team pricing is available. For more information, go to or call Bill Farquharson at 781-934-7036.


PICA serves the Carolinas’ printing industry through education, products, services, conferences, and awards, as well as support at both the local and national levels.

In addition to being the voice of the Carolinas’ graphic communications industry, PICA offers a wealth of technical and management information and various services designed to maximize your ROI.

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Since 1966, the PICA Awards have been the premier symbol of excellence for the graphics industry in the Carolinas. Winning a PICA Award -- whether it's a Best of Category, Special Judges’ Award, or Award of Excellence -- is a great honor!

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Smart Business

Work smarter, not harder - with solid, valuable information to make better-informed business decisions with PICA's Smart Business

Human Resources Support

We have extensive expertise and information in all aspects of Human Resources.


PICA members enjoy industry-leading education and networking opportunities throughout the Carolinas. Learn More

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To promote the common interest of the printing industry; and to help our members prosper, both individually and collectively, through fellowship, education and cooperative action.


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