Financial Management

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Utilizing both local and national resources as a PICA member – from reporting on slow paying accounts with SlowPay to credit reports or national economic forecasts – wage & benefits reports – and cost calculators, can help you improve your bottom line. Our most popular financial services include: benchmark studies of financial performance, wage surveys, group buying discounts, credit & collection services, and financial publications.

In addition, our services can have a substantial financial impact on other areas of your company like production, human resources, customer service and regulatory compliance.

Numerous Savings Programs

Utilizing the combined buying power of members PICA and PIA have negotiated discounts on the products and services you use every day.

Save on everything from shoes and eyewear, shipping, credit processing, FSC certification and more. See our buying program page for more information

Credit and Collection Services

In partnership with the CST & Printing Industry Credit Bureau (PICB) we provide a range of credit & collection services for members including:

Click here for more information

Benchmarking Tools

Dynamic Ratios – improved to help your business. The national financial benchmarking tool for the printing industry now includes data manipulation and financial modeling features.

PICA’s [su_tooltip style=”tipsy” position=”east” shadow=”yes” rounded=”yes” size=”2″ title=”Wage and Benefit Surveys” content=”

With the recent DOL re-definition of exempt vs. non-exempt parameters, employers are analyzing their current employee compensation structure to ensure compliance.

Through PIA you can participate in the Sales Compensation Survey. Information regarding the sales representatives’ performance (sales generated) as well as compensation was collected.

Through PICA we gather data on production and management. Sales Compensation Survey helps you stay on top of your benefits packages with regional and national data collected.

” close=”yes”]Annual Wage and Benefit Survey[/su_tooltip] furnishes key information about wages, policies, and benefits specifically about our industry and region.

Economic Flash Reports

Members receive regular updates from the Printing Industries of America’s Economic and Market Research Department via email. These updates, referred to as “Flash Reports,” are concise advisories that focus on the hot topics affecting the printing industry.


Printing Industry Financial Executives (PIFE) is a network of professionals who hold positions in finance and administration at member printing companies. PIFE members receive information and education on what it takes to successfully manage a company’s finance and administration functions and to stay abreast of the latest technologies and keys to profitability. A free core service, benefits include a listserv and an annual conference.